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Ok Im new here so HIIIII to everyone....


Heres the backround:


I met my current boyfriend back in september.. when we met I Was stilll dealing with my last breakup (that was in april last year and he was my frist love) I Wasnt sure if I Was ready for something new so I told him that.. he had moved here from ontario (im in vancouver) and was plannign to move back there.. so we had agreed not to take it any further thatn just friends... well of course that didnt happen haha and things led to something more serious... we were doing everything couples do... anyways he moved back in the middle of december to ontario... we decided to not see other people but we didnt have the offical tittle of bf/gf either... in feb I went to visit him for 2 weeks and it was awesome.. The night b4 I left we said I love u for the first time.... Im plannin on moving there in may...


Now heres my issue:


I am used to having alot of attention from guys... my last bf was very romantic and always made it known how much he loved me... My current bf not so much... I dunno I guess I feel as though if he loves me and stuff he shoudl wanna show it... ITs hard having the long distance thing... we dont talk too much usually for like lesss than a half an hour b4 one of us goes to bed... Like when I get off work I usually come home and check if he's on .. since hes 3 hour ahead of me hes off work before I am but he usually goes out until like 12 or 1 and by then Im going to bed.... I dont mind this I Want him to do his own thing and have a life but I feel as though he'd want to come home a lil bit earlier so he culd have some time to talk to me.... I dunnno... He just dosent do cute things.. well I shouldnt say he doesnt.. just not as much as Id like...like last night I texted him and asked if he was gunna be back on msn (i had just missed him by 5 mins) and if not I was gunna goto bed cause I had to be up early.. he said naw goto bed ttyl... like wouldnt he want to go on and talk to me for a bit??? or at least say somethign like naw... I'll ttyl I love u night baby.... jsut any sort of affectionate saying.... Ive broughten up my annoyance with this lack of talking... Id think hed click in and make a lil time for me... Im not a needy girl but I want my bf to want to talk to me.. Im not asking for much I think.. Hes amazing and I love him alot... when we are together in person its diff hes totally loving and affectionate.. but like I said on msn or texts or even the phoen sometimes he really isnt that much ... It smaking me have second thoughts about moving....


Am I overreacting being frusterated with this??.... or are guys just toally clueless that girls like to feel special, loved and wanted.....

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He does think of you as special, he does love you and want you. You are just so used to receiving so much attention that you are misreading him because he doesn't act online the way that you would like. Beware of being thought of as 'high-maintenance' - it turns many guys off.


If he does all that you want in person and you are moving to where he is in May why are you so concerned anyway?


By the way - I hope that you are showing him the same things you want from him. A relationship is a two way street.

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Im just concerened cause its super scary to move all that way for a guy... totally not somethign Id ever thought Id do... Oh I show him lots of effection and love.. thats why it kinda bugs me.. but ur right.. I mean if someone would of wrote what I did I Would of said the same thing u just did to mee.. I kno he loves me Im just so annoyed with myself that im doubting it... I just dont get why Im being like thisssss... thanks for the response

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I'm sure the top poster is right, but really i would be upset too if my bf wouldn't show any affection to me when we aren't able to see me.


Maybe i'm also used to more affection than some guys show, and maybe he just isn't that into showing affection. My bf is the same in showing affection be it in person, on the phone, or text messaging...and he makes time to talk to me...i guess that's my only problem with your post...it sounds like he really needs to make some time to really talk to you. Also, aim is so imperonal, call each other instead

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