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Eating Diary

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Although i am not overweight i try to eat the best i can so my body is up to standard i thought this would be a good idea for not only me but for some people to post there eating diary so just accounts of what they ate today and wateva cardio vascular exercise you did and the nutritionists on here can assess what was good and what was bad for us maybe


So for the


11 March 2007


For breakfast i ate a " Nut Delight Bar" and a glass of Pura Milk


For lunch today i made a Lean Beef burger with Lettuce and Capsicum and Bega Low fat Cheese on it on wholegrain bread


For Dinner i had 1 corn on the cob 2 Small Lean Meat and Mixed Veggies Corn Capsicum Celery and peas


I Also had a Glass on V8 Juice today


At the Gym today i did 10 Mins in the Bike Heart range at 75% for most part 10 mins in the Stepper and 10 mins in the rower

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Sounds pretty healthy although I think you could use some more fruits and vegetables, and maybe a couple more servings of healthy grains.


Good job though! I sure don't eat as healthy as I'd like to right now!


Also, I think you would benifit more for cardio if you stayed on one machine for 20-30 minutes, keeping the same heart rate the whole time. I was taught that you don't really get any cardio training unless you keep your heart rate above a certain point for more than 20 minutes.

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