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Feeling uncomfortable (suggestions pls)

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recently i hav some problems with my girlfriend....we hav been dating for a quite a long while now. The first time i asked her if she's virgin, she said yes. But soon, as time passed, i got more and more evidences that she might hav had sex with someone else before we dated. btw our age is 18ish. recently, we had our first sex together and the next day, she told me before we did it, she had done it with someone else b4, her co-worker. it happened just about a year ago, she said she liked that person a lot (the guy was 10+ older than her), she said she was stupid and naive. she got herslef drunk one party and ask him to hav sex with her. After the guy did it with her....the guy totally ignored and ditched her. she felt really really confused and hurt. Now to the main point....the problem is i don't know how to deal with it, she said that incident really bothers her, and now that she has me as a boyfriend, she's even more irritated. when she told me that she has sex with someone else before, i felt really mad and sad, but i noe its hard for her to get over it too. I DON'T KNOW wat to do and how i shud think, and also i don't know how to help her....PLEASE help me ><...anyone can help pls give suggection thnak you lots>

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Well you were lied to and that's not cool. Not a good sign of where the relationship stands.


As for this other guy, you need to urge her to get over it. Too many posts on here by guys who let these kinds of things drag on, letting it fester in the gf's mind till it eventually breaks the relationship apart.

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Dude have a heart for goodness' sake! Weren't you listening to what your gf said? She was drunk, not in her right mind and got played by someone she thought she was into!


She has been hurt emotionally and been taken advantage of. Yes, she did lie to start with, but she came clean. It sounds like she's ready for you to start learning all the stuff in her life, the good and the bad.



Still having problems?? Remember this, they had sex one time....you will MAKE LOVE to her time after time.....you win.


Now, go find her, hug her up close and kiss her hard enough to make her ANKLES curl!

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