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After Depo, help~!~


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Hey all--


Okay, so, here's the deal. I was on the depo for six months. When I started it, my husband and I weren't planning children. About five months in, we changed our minds. I've been off of it for almost two months now. I know that it can take up to two years to get pregnant.


I haven't had a period since the shot stopped. I had one day of very minor bleeding. Is there a way to increase my chances of getting pregnant? And if I get pregnant right now, will my baby be okay? Or with the shot cause a miscarrage or birth defects?


My husband and I really want a family, someone help me~!~

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I was on the shot for years. I switched to the pill when we decided that we would be having kids in the near future, and we started trying after about 4 months. I got pregnant right away, so it doesn't always take that long. My baby is just fine. I was on the shot for so long and I actually worked at a family planning clinic for a couple years too, and I never heard anything about birth defects or anything like that.


Obviously you can take fertility drugs to increase your chances of getting pregnant, but then u could have health side affects and might end up with twins!


I suggest just waiting. Make sure you are having sex ALL THE TIME to ensure that you get pregnant the day you are ovulating. Usually women ovulate around 14 days after their period starts. So have lots of sex. The baby will come at just the right time for you.


I think its awesome you decided to start a family, congrats

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Be sure to talk to your doctor.


Here is a good article which summarizes information on conceiving and how to increase your chances: link removed


When you figure out your most fertile days- they to have sex every other day during that fertile time (doing so every day can lower your husband's sperm count and actually reduce your chances of getting pregnant).


I basically had sex every other-day during the fertile part of the cycle, and would stay put with a pillow under my hips (tilted) for about a half hour. We only tried this for 2 cycles and both times I got pregnant right away.


I had been on the birth control pill for over 10 years prior- after which I got off and waited a few months, and took various vitamins before trying to get pregnant.


Here's a link about Depo that might help: link removed



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