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Time spent on enotalone

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STOP ALL POSTINGS!!!!!!!!!! Click on your name, go to "all posts by (your name)", and start listing out the time you spent today on enotalone.


Here is my time posting














I've begun at 12:54 to 1:06, then i went out to lunch, come back and do my stuff, then came online from 2:50pm and browse internet as well as post another 6 messages until 5:30, now it's 6:08pm and i'm still here. 2:50-6:08pm. It's time to recognize this for those of you who are beginning to get an addiction here. I was typing this and it begun to worry about my homework... then as i posts more i become more worried. It's time to recognize this and compact enotalone into less than 1 hour of your life per day.

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Before I get hostility posts, let me just remind you guys that my post here is not to confront people or discredit enotalone. I think it's a great place. But like renaissancewoman said, we really have to recognize where all our time went at the end of the day.

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I'm here mostly when I'm online doing school work. I'll admit I probably spend more time posting than I do doing the actual work, mind you. But it's out of sheer boredom - not addiction - that I find myself here. Don't get me wrong, you guys are all great and everything. lol But, um, yeah.


Also, what else AM I supposed to do with my time? Spend it the girlfriend I don't have? Or go out with the friends who can't be bothered (to go out, that is)?

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blogging/forum browsing/dwelling on problems are all addicting. and yes, i think talking and reading about your problem can help you, but becoming obsessed with it and using enot or any other forum for that matter as a reason to obsess over it, might not be the 'healthiest thing' to do with your time. At least thats what I got from this forum topic...

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Well, if you really have nothing else better to do than take drugs and drink alcohol, then this is definitely a better alternative. But why compare it to the extreme cases?


Like Dragongirl said, it's not the healthiest thing to do with your time if you are obsessed over this. It's really something to think about. By the time you die, would you gladly say, yes, i spend 4-5 hours everyday in enotalone and i do not regret the way I live. I'd regret. It could have been spent living a much more fulfilling life.

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I've done a lot of thinking (big surprise?) and I agree: I spend way too much time here and should severly limit it in the future.


Thanks for pointing this out to me. I need to be focused on improving my life, not just talking about it!


Scary isn't it? I just found out i spent a total of 1 hour 30 minutes today. Well, was better than yesterday (approx 4 hours) but the fact that i was controlling and still spent 1.5hrs took me by surprise.

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I agree totally spirit. I think I waste Waaaay too much time here.. reading the posts, clicking on the posts I've written beforehand, responding to the posts.

Now.. though, i think i can safely say that about the internet in general. It's a giant waste of time. TV too, sometimes is also. Mostly though, cuz there's nothing but junk on TV now. But that's another topic.

I think if you keep track of your time here is a good idea. I don't even WANT to know how much time i've spent here in the last month. I'm depressed cuz my dog just died out of the blue a month ago.. and i'm still not coping well with that. I'm trying to get a job but after dropping off 15 applications in the last month, I'm not having much success at that either.

Seems like this is the only thing I can accomplish some days. to get a post on here, and have someone respond so I can get some idea of what direction to go in next.

Also.. i don't have a bf.. but it seems when i do, and come on here and post, most of the people just encourage me to break up with him, even though they also have problems with their bf/gfs.

I am not sure that this site does me any good at all, but it IS addicting, I will say that.

I think it's cuz the way the site is constructed, it's easy to navigated... you don't have to leave those stupid numbers in a box to make sure you aren't being spammed. It's just an easy site to get around. I will say this, the IT dept at this site did a good job.

As far as being a good place to vent.. well... sometimes, but lots of times i have been censored, or someone flames you so mercilessly (they never got censored for THAT post, strangely), you are more down after you posted here than before, and I have been banned before, for speaking up against someone who was flaming me.

I also wonder, too, about the wisdom, of baring your soul to a group of strangers on the web. Sometimes it works, sometimes it comes back to haunt you.

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