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worried! :-(


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I'm getting worried, I haven't had a period in 3 months. The guy I slept with used a condom, but I never smelt that hot latex smell, and afterwards I found out that the condom was past its use by date. Why do condoms have use by dates anyway?

Anyway, my periods are quite regular, but all i've had for the past two months is brown discharge, andnothing sofar this month (I'm 3 days late).

I've put on weight in the last 3 months, pair of jeans that I boght in december are feeling pretty tight, My boobs have also grown alot. I'm having mood swings, and craving shrimp constantly. I took some medicine last month that said don't take if you are pregnant or trying for a baby, and I had really horrible shooting pains in my stomach for days. Could I be pregnant???

L would be the father, haven't slept with anyone else in six months, but we arn't talking at the moment. He wants nothing to do with me, so if I was pregnant he'd want nothing to do with a baby. I have just started dating a new guy and I expressed my concern. He got really worried and told me to get a pregnancy test ASAP, but also admitted that if I was pregnant he'd run a mile, thanks A. I told my mum, and she looked at me and said "so get a test, it isn't my problem"

I really don't want to lose A, or become a single mother at 17. I have only just got my life back after a particularly nasty situation involving a guy, and I don't want it snatched back off me.

Advice please!

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Condoms have "use by" dates because they DO expire.




And I recommend you go see your doctor and get advice and information on proper and effective methods of birth control. If you are old enough to have sex then you should be knowledgable about the possibly consequences and concerns that follow. Educate yourself and be smarter about your sex habits.

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I have always used a condom, but he took one out of a box at the side of his bed, so I didn't see the exipery date on it. I asked what type it was, and he said Superdrug's own brand. I use Durex because I can trust those. Going to get a test from the chemists on monday. A did offer to buy me one, after he fell off his chair.

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Gosh ... I would be freaking out to!


Can you not get a test before Monday? I would go right this minute, if I were you. I would tell you to wait and relax, but three months is a serious deal ... Can I ask, why didn't you take a test before, when you realized the condom was past its expiration date, when you only had spotting, when you started gaining weight ...?


I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you.

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Ok, on Sunday morning I was getting ready to go out and meet this lovely gawjus guuy. I went into the bathroom to clean up, always nice to be hygenic and you never know. The babywipe had blood on it, not just spots, a moderate amount of blood. So I put a sanitary towl in and checked again half an hour later. Just like my Grandmother it had arrived with no warning and at just the wrong moment.

I'm having quite a heavy period at the moment so I don't think I'm pregnant. I'm putting my absent periods down to being on the verge of a breakdown due to the sexual harassment I was suffering.

Was getting worried, but I'm soo relieved

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do you think its necessary?


Well, if your last two periods were quite light, and you had all the symptoms you listed in the first post, I would do it just to make sure. If I correctly understood, it would be a very bad thing for you to be pregnant, right? A test is so cheap and so great for peace of mind.

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