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What is the gift of gab?


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What does this mean to you?


That you can strike up a conversation with anyone anywhere? Approach a group of individuals and become friends with them or stay in the convo for as long as it lasts?


I just want to put some real examples to the term because I seriously lack this gift. I think one of the biggest issues for me making new friends...



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The gift of gab means that you are able to start, hold and control a converstation. That doesn't mean you have to talk, it can mean that you can manipulate people into talking about themselves, with you observing and interacting.


But most people use this phrase to mean someone who simply can't shut up!


Having trouble talking?? How, give us an example.

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Yep. Precisely because people with "the gift" can and do speak so easily to everyone, they come accross more like salesmen than friends.


But people with the gift of the gab are extremely good at small talk, which isn't a bad place to start. And it's OK to start very small: Like "Hi."


Are you more comfortable in one-on-one situations? Maybe you could try approaching an individual on the fringes of a group. Are there things you'd be comfortable doing to encourage people to approach you? Like, wear a T-shirt that has your favorite band on it? (This could backfire if the band isn't "cool" enough for the group you're interested in—but you might attract different people you actually have a lot in common with.)

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