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My first time sharing my writing


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Here we leave our bitter blood

Our parts and limbs lay strewn in mud

With scents of hope and thoughts of you

We frivolously lay the glue

To mend back all the shattered bones

And flatten all the sharpened tones

In dark and rain our servants labor

To ask you for this only favor

To welcome back our wayward ghost

And join us now to raise a toast

A toast to us, to what has been

A toast to memories within

With stagnant hearts and broken dreams

We peel slowly at the seams

As love seeps out the narrow crack

We whisper softly, please come back

With passing days, endure the test

Til' one day beaten, laid to rest

And fall on one familiar bed

One draped in sadness, painted red

We fly our flag below half mast

And reminisce the lovely past

One solemn tear, for those left dead

One each, for all the things you said

We fight and scream to save our souls

And hover over endless holes

Still yet the sickle pulls us down

In blackness, to forever drown

The train approaches, crushing hope

As we strain to tear through the rope

And as we lay upon the track

We whisper softly, please come back

With fleeting day, engulfed by night

Not one soul lives to see our plight

We watch the stars return to cold

And quietly do what we're told

Beneath the earth, the restless dead

Reciting every time you said

That love would last throughout the storm

That long our hearts would yet be warm

But terrible truths rage on tonight

A terror with no end in sight

Another day, another scar

We sink into the blackest tar

So here we lay our bitter bones

Our sour tears, our silent moans

Our memories, now cloaked in black

We whisper softly, please come back

We whisper softly

Please come back

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