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When one ask some another person out on a date, one would expect yes and a no as an answer, but - I dont know if this have happened to anyone- the answer that i received is the most bizarre reply i have ever heard.


THe girl: I have to tell you something. I am in a relationship with a girl. I am Bisexual.

Me: Where one can not speak, one shall me silence.


I could have never guest this to be an answer! It is makes me upset, but the whole thing is compeletely harlarious! There is a list in life of situations in life, and this is one of the thing that I can cross out and say,"Been there, done that."


Anyone been in this situation before?

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I have know this girl for months. She has never mention that is she likes girls. This is like knowing some one close to you that they are gay or half gay. Her being a bi has caught me off guard.


I am upset about this. The one that you care about and the one that you like the most are the one that can hurt you profoundly.


Sigh* moving on could take some time. ](*,)

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