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I like this girl in my history class


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Help! I like this girl in my history class. I get nervous every time I want to talk to her. I want to go up to her and get to know her and be friends with her for starters. The only thing I have been able to say to her so far is Hi with a friendly smile. I am off for spring break this next week. So that gives me time to figure out what to do. I need your help. What should I do? What do I say to get a conversation started? I am shy and get I panic when trying to talk to someone like this. I wish I could just talk to her easily but it is difficult. Help!

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History class eh? How about:


"So...how about them Inuits?"


"WWII, man, what a battle!"


I'm just kidding...maybe you should ask her if she's liking the class or not. "How are you finding this class?" If she says yes, then ask her what she likes about it "Are you serious? This class blows...what do you find so interesting about it?" ... If she says no, then you can ask "Oh yeah? Is there another course you like better?"

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Angel said it good, start out with the familiar (class) then work your way into her interests (what classes she enjoys) why does she enjoy them? there has to be some background/past that makes her interested... then get to know her past, and then you'll be in the bag. Its surprisingly easy if you get along. If its difficult, its typically because she doesn't have enough interest in you, or your chemistry just isn't there.


Its better to fail than not try at all. Saying "yeah I tried it" is so much more fun than "I had an opportunity once but didn't take it."

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I wouldn't ask too many questions about school, if she is a pretty girl she's probably heard it all before and you'll move down in her light. I'd try being funny, try teasing her a bit maybe. Don't laugh at your own jokes though. Try not to make it obvious that you're interested in her. If you ask her boring questions about school it makes it obvious you have nothing interesting to say. Trust me, I've had times where I would introduce myself to a cute girl and then I'd ask questions about school like her major and stuff and she'd lose interest fast. You gotta talk about something interesting. I wish I could tell you exactly what to talk about, but be creative. Then after talking to her a few times, ignore her one day and see if she initiates talk with you; if she does than you know you're doing good.


**Most important, make a lasting impression. Don't be afraid to say something outrageous. You don't have to make sense or say anything smart; in fact the dumber, more silly things you say will probably have the best effect.


Keep in mind she may have been in classes all day, she is bored...any kind of levity you bring her she will respond to.

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I'm having a similar problem with Philosophy class. Plato and Aristotle aren't exactly the hottest fellas to be discussing randomly with a girl. The class itself is entirely lecture. I want to say "hi", but I have absolutely zero to talk about otherwise. I'm fairly sure we went to the same high school, because she looks familiar. I could bring that up, or, because she dresses rather flamboyantly (heels, scarves, those felt coat thingies, fingerless gloves, etc), ask her about that or tease her that she's over dressed for Plato or something. Thoughts?

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