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Friday night


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HDD, i think that's very typical when you get out of a relationship... change is good! you sometimes get wrapped up and think about the other person so much that you then realize you've negleted to pamper yourself.. whether it's mentally or physically or both!

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Well ladies, it's 2 am here - I got through the nght without calling. Thanks for the chat and support. I'm heading off to bed.


Remember, we're all strong women who WILL make it through this life change and, hopefully, move on to better things.

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socal.. yes, i am at cal. why? do you know anyone here?


HDD- wow? just this morning? i'm SO sorry to hear that. in case you're a somewhat evil person like me who somehow takes solice in other people going through rough times (okay, maybe it's just the comiseration that's helpful, but i still feel bad for finding help in other people's pain...) the way that i found out my ex was dating another was that he was in town and said he had wanted to come over and see me before we met up with mutual friends to go bowling- sounded promising right? (this was a few days after he sent me an email saying how much he missed me and couldn't wait to see me). well, he called at 3:30 saying he'd be "right over" it got to be 4:30 and he still wasn't there.. so i went outside to wait for him since we were going to be late to meet our friends and i found him parked around the corner of my apt talking to her! he had been there the whole time just feet away from me talking to her while i was anxiously awaiting to see him inside! so not cool!!!!! and the worst part is, that despite the crappy treatment, i'm still totally in love with him... ugh.

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oh i did pamper myself... took off on a trip to Hawaii in Feb. It was great!!! i think my ex started seeing this girl during or after my trip... but still it is too soon. i didnt find out till today but oh well. at least now I know and its making me let go of him so much easier.

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goodnight Catren! and sleep tight. we are here for you always !! HUGS


bear, OUCH! arent you glad you found out though. now you can just let go and move on. your love will be there for him, thats not a bad thing but it will eventually fade into thin air... i am also one of those evil type too

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night catren- and congrats on not calling!! that's always a rough one!


yeah, maybe it's better that i know.. at least it's helping me get over the idea that we'll get back together.. but i'd still prefer for him to be lonely and miserable without me! see, again, here's my evil side shining through


i'm very glad you ladies were all online tonight... it's nice to feel- well, i was going to say "not alone," but that's maybe a bit too corny given the website's name!!

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youre funny lol

u know how my evil side is coming out... i am wishing he has a great time with this new girl but she ends up being NOTHING like me, cause I know i was a heck of a catch for him. he will have to deal with the new fling and be content rather than passionately in love like we were lol

I am glad I found you guys to chat with tonight.... i can sleep better now

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Omaha.. somewhere in the middle of america... reminds me of the counting crows song every time i hear the word Omaha !

We're here for you socal... so talk to us or leave us messages and we will stay in touch.


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HDD- i agree 100%- i'm sure you are a total catch and he'll regret it. hopefully by then you'll be with someone so amazing that it'll be too late for him. at least that's the ultimate dream, right?


socal- enjoy your time in omaha- even if it is omaha! i'm sure you can meet some fun girls to hang out with... no more boys for a while...although i can tell you there are kind of slim pickings up here in the bay area for single, straight, non-sketchy guys... not that i've had too much time to look yet, but from what i've seen, i'm not impressed. hopefully you'll have better luck once you get out here! but at least there will be more to do/and see.. nor cal really is a great place to live.


okay, it's back to studying for me. night!

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