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Friday night


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yeah, well, i went straight through. in retrospect it proably wasn't a very good idea... i might have a bit more direction in my life if i had really thought about going before i did!! oh well.. funny thing is that all of my accomplishments still werent' good enough for my ex! but who cares about him... just dont' let me drunk dial after all of our tequilla shots!

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i'll go for a martini

I am in central CA. I WAS kind of in contact with my ex but i never called him... he kept calling me, like once in two weeks or so. tells me he misses me and its hard for him but on the other hand he is seeing someone... UGH! So i am kind of sick of this BS.

Bear, like you i am also used to being in a college environment and meeting people is so much easier in that surrounding. but now I have a job and i dont like to get involved with my coworkers. so i have been trying to do other things like going to the gym, hanging out at coffee shops, etc but its really hard to meet people.

cant wait to get over this feeling... its hard bc we were together for 6 years

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HDD- wow, 6 years is a really long time- i can see why you would be so upset he's moved on so quickly. still, you need to remember that him dating someone else really isn't any relfection of how he felt about you or your relationship. assuming you were the dumpee, for one, he probably started to deal with his feelings about the break up far before you did and thus is already more healed. second, maybe i shouldn't generalize here, but i think guys are maybe more likely to not take proper time to heal and just jump into another relationship to mask the hurt they're feeling. i know how hard it is to know he's with someone else, but i dont' think him being with her at all changes what you had/have with him now. if that makes any sense...

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ladies, it's leave your phone and inhabitions at the door night. lol


HDD, it will get better and although i'm sure you're tired of hearing that it's true. Before I met this brief jerk I was with another where someone told me it takes half the time you were with someone to really get over it. i'm at that mark... and that's when i was able to let guard down and.....


umm... can we get another round of tequilla over here?

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oddly you guys say this.... i was working in the corporate world and got sick of it too and split. I decided to go back to school for my masters and oddly a job landed on my lap. i work for the fed now (which is why i'm temporarily in omaha) and you can't beat the hours, pay, work/life flexibilities, and benefits. i love it.

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bear you do make sense. it was a mutual break up and we both saw it coming... but i was more the lets work things out rather than break up type and i think he probably just got tired. I am just hurt because he has moved on. and i am in no condition to be in a relationship now so it makes me sad to know that he is in one already. I know he cares abt me and stuf, but it just hurts. u know.

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HDD- do you think it might hurt less (key word being less!) if you stopped talking to him? it sounds like you're still taking to him quite a bit if you know how much he's talking to her etc... that's when i stopped talking to my ex- when he started seeing someone else.. i knew if i knew her name or anything about her it would just make it so much harder for me so i just had to stop... i miss him like crazy, but at least i don't cry every day anymore.. just some days... i don't know why that's a happy face statement- maybe i'm trying to cheer myself up!

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WOW Law school! Thats awesome

And working for the Fed in Omaha Nice!!!

even though my job is amazing, everything is great, my work is very flexible, i feel like i need to get more degrees. raise my IQ a little more not that its not challenging right now, but i need a change.

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bear, i HAVE officially stopped talking to him... or answering his calls. I didnt find out abt his new love interest till today morning and as you can imagine i had an amazing day after that!!! I dont feel like talking to him anymore cause whats the point. he has moved on, hope he is happy and stays happy. thats all i can do.


i am so glad i found you girls to talk to! making my friday night so much more worth it!

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