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Would you go if your friends asked you like this?

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There are 4 of us (3 girls and a guy) which are always together in school. We were walking to the bus stop after school and one of them is like "so are we still going skiing Sunday?", I didn't say anything. (A day or two ago I overheard that same person talk about going skiing) The other girl is like "ya for sure" and still I didn't say anything. Then I start to cross the road the other girl is like " Sam, you're coming, you know that right" (Sam=me). So this is the first time shes asking me (even though thats more of a command) but now I don't know whether they truly want me to come or she just asked because maybe by mistake she mentioned it infront of me....I've contemplated at other times whether these same friends have actually wanted me to come places with them, because they've gone to other places without me and it may just be because they're all girls so they want to hang out as girls, but I don't know. So now should I go?...I feel like I was just a last minute addition...

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It sounds like they genuinely want you to go and you are just being a little insecure. If you have doubt, just call up the one that is closest to you and give her and easy way out in case you aren't wanted: "(name), I'm totally down for skiiing this weekend but I kinda felt like I was a last minute addition. I could just be paranoid, but if you ladies ever just want your girl time then just let me know cuz I don't want to intrude! "


So if she wants it to be a girl time thing then she will say so then, because you have made it okay for her to say so.


Note that its said with a smiley face.


IMO, a group of 7 people is hard to keep track of. Everyone just probably assumed that someone else invited you, or else they just assumed that you would go since u guys do everything together. I don't think that she would have asked you at the last minute if they had any reason that they didn't want you to go.

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