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Finger nails breaking..

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Hi all!


I have a big problem - I'm a guitar player (no, that is not the problem ) and the thing is that my fingernails are breaking every time they are longer than 3 milimeters over the finger. I need them a bit longer for playing. What can I do to protect nails from breaking?



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Ok, ok. You can get nail hardener. It really does work. Cheap, find it in any drug store or even grocery store with the rest of the nail polish and such.


I can't use picks because I'm playing classics so I need to use all 5 fingers on the right hand. I will look for nail hardener. Thx.


I have seen these little metal ring thingies in music shops, they are a bit like fake nails u can wear for picking with ur fingers instead of using your nails. They just slip on around the end of ur fingers and look like u have little claws...pretty kool


I have those but can't use them on concert playing classics. It's ok when playing some harder stuff

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