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I Need Him To Change His Mind

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Im still not coping all... having high hopes of getting him back.


two weeks have nearly passed. he went to work last tuesday morning and that was it... i left and havent gone back, all my stuff is still there.


i was going to get it on monday while he is away. but im thinking stuff it. i still want to go back to his when he gets back and see him. its the only way for him to ever change his mind...he might see me and just want to hold me, and maybe he will feel the love again. hes got it too easy, just dumping me and not seeing me.... like hes getting over it fast.


i sent an email to him and he hasnt read it. i want to send a text and say something like have you got my email. but he is going away tomorrow. the email wil get him thinking, however if he reads it now, will he just be too exited about going away and not think about it, or is it better for him to read it when he is back tuesday. im scared him going away, hes just gonna forget us forever.


im so lost without him

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You have to stop thinking your going to get him back. If you keep thinking that way, your in for alot of sleepless night and you will torment yourself trying to think of ways to get him back.


Instead, its time to start living for yourself. Cut off all contact and get him out of your life. Join a club, take up knitting, exercise..whatever it takes day in and day out to get him off your mind.


Go get your stuff and forget him hun...its the best thing you can do for yourself.

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This isn't going to make you feel better but the best way to get him to even consider coming back would to be leave it alone. Don't contact him. I seriously thought the only way I could get the man I loved back in my life was some how show him/say to him/be with him and he will remember how good it was to love me. It doesn't work. I'm not saying he is going to come back but the longer you ignore him the more it will give him a chance to think of you.

And heck in the meantime of n/c you will feel horrible but that's when you find things to do. I hope this helps a bit

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hey, i understand where you're coming from, three months ago i "needed" mine to change his mind too. so you know what happened? we kept talking on the phone and emailing and saw each other a couple of times and after all of that he STILL didin't want to get back together and so then, two months into the "break up" i was actually feeling so much worse than i had when it first happened b/c i had been clinging onto hope of reconciliation that whole time. if i had just let him go at the beginning i would probably be almost healed by now, but instead, i'm on month three (3 weeks into NC..) and it's still pretty horible.


do yourself a favor- holding on now is only going to cause more pain down the road. i know it's so much easier said than done, but just stop emailing him/calling him, etc, etc. i know the feeling "if i just do this or say this maybe he'll realize what a mistake he's making and take me back" but the truth is, he probably decided this long before he even told you. his decision is made. and if he's going to change his mind, it's not going to be b/c of anything you do now, it's going to have to come from him. so do both of you a favor and just give it some time and space and try to work on yourself and move on.. and maybe you'll be one of the few lucky ones where he does realize his mistake and come back, but more likely you'll eventually move on and find someone you like even better.. or at least just as much. at least, that's what i tell myself to get through the days.


i'm sorry, i hate it when people give this type of "know it all" advice that just so hard to follow.. all my friends told me over and over to let him go and i just couldn't (esp. since he kept telling me he missed me, wanted to see me, etc.) maybe it's just a mistake you have to make and learn for yourself... but please, if you can, try to learn from my mistake and save yourself even more heartache down the road by just letting him go now.. the sooner you do, the sooner you can be happy again.


good luck.

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