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How to maintain NC when he lives right near you

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Hi All,


Well this is my very first post. I've been dating my neighbor for 15 months. He's 25 and I'm 45. (I look a lot younger than my age and I'm in great shape.) At first it was just FWB but like a dummy I ended up falling in love with him. Well in January he tells me he's met someone new and she's married! After he left I started the whole breakup, mourning thing. I started working on NC right then. 3 weeks later he comes back over and expects to continue seeing me! Told him no way. A few days later I saw the new chick - she's fat and ugly! Sorry to be so crude but there it is. It hurt so much to see him with her. I went a little crazy and yelled some nasty things at them. I tried talking to him last Sunday and he was SO ANGRY with me! I have no idea where that came from - we were always loving towards each other - never an angry word between us. So I started NC again. This morning while getting ready for work I saw them together. He must have taken the day off because he usually leaves much earlier. All the pain is back again! How do I handle this when he lives so close to me? I feel rejected all over again...I'm moving but not for another 50 days and counting! Why do guys take up with married women anyway?

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I'm moving but not for another 50 days and counting! Why do guys take up with married women anyway?


Good for you. I think a move is the best thing if you can do it. Until then, be good to yourself as much as you can within your means.


As for him 'taking up' with a married woman, maybe he likes the 'rescuer' role or something.

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I think it's because it's "safer" he doesn't have to commit too much to the relationship.


Has anyone had success with online dating sites? I'm thinking of joining one. Which ones are good?


Some people here have had great success with meeting people from online dating sites. Some haven't. I guess it's like anything in life.


I prefer to meet people in 'real-life' through activities, friends etc....

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