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Long Lost Brother

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I have a half brother whom I've recently been exchanging e-mails with too. He's 16 years younger than me. My father was married briefly to his mother but she ran off with my half-brother when he was a newborn. I've seen him only a couple of times, since his mom rarely stayed in one place. My contact with him isn't exactly secret, but I don't discuss it with my dad since we're not that close and since he wouldn't like it - he feels that they are always trying to con him out of more money in addition to the child support and alimony he pays.


Anyway, in your case I think I would also feel uncomfortable keeping that big secret from my parents, so I might tell my half-brother how I felt and ask him if I could tell them - or I might just inform him that I was going to tell them, and that he could decide whether or not he wanted to keep e-mailing me after that.


About your concerns,


1. Sounds like you're an honest person, shame on you! ;-)

I really doubt that your parents are going to happen upon this forum and figure out this is you.


2. I think they might be a little mad, but I'm sure they wouldn't disown you or anything.


3. You sound pretty normal, maybe you have a touch of social anxiety that makes you sweat over relationships , maybe you're just excitable. Doesn't sound like you're debilitated by your mental/emotional state, so I wouldn't rush to put a lable on it or medicate it. Life does have ups and downs, exciting parts and dull parts. Of course I don't know you so I'm just giving my $.02 based on what you wrote.

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