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High school tragedy happened today...please lend your support

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As a lot of you know i am in college about an hour and a half from my hometown. I'm from a rather small high school of about 500 total students between all 4 classes. everyone knows everyone and even if you're not friends, you still know everyone.


Well today there was an accident. About 5 minutes from my house, a man in an SUV plowed into a line of cars stoped at an intersection red light at about 90mph and never slowed down. I received calls from my family and my friends telling me what had happened. I read it on local websites back home and it was verified about this horrible accident. In total, there were 9 cars in this pile-up and at least 4 were confirmed dead at 8pm. However, the police chief would not release the total number.


The thing is, one of the cars that were hit was full of kids from my high school. witness reports had people saying, "the victims were kids" and "they were all young..." The last i heard there was 2 people in the car that had died that went to my high school. the part that really is bothering me is that we dont know who they are, they have released VERY limited information and we wont know who was involved until morning.


the car that was hit that held the kids was a ford taurus. out of everyone i have talked to today, they only know of one kid in our school that drives a silver taurus. and this kid happens to be a good friend of mine that i played tennis with in high school. i know him personally.


There is a hill by this intersection that quickly filled up with students from my school that were there to see what had happened and to lend support. they ended up calling in two trucks and hung up a huge tarp so the view was blocked. the reason being because they had to cut some of the victims out of the cars...and at this point, it had already been 3-4 hours since the wreck, and they were still fighting to get the bodies out.


i have a final exam tomorrow and i cant study, i cant focus. im so upset about this. 2 kids i know are dead tonight, 2 nights before our Sadie Hawkins Dance which is saturday. im so shook up about it and i cant get my mind off of it.


so i ask that you all keep my high school in your prayers and keep your fingers crossed that it's all rumors and it's all ok, although this is doubtful.


Please, i ask that your hearts go out to the students and family of Kenton Ridge High School tonight.


thank you

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Wow,...that's a high skoo'. One I went to had a lil' over 2000 and the one my bud went to 20 miles down had a lil' over 3000.


I'm sorry to hear about this. I'd be incredibly hurt right now. At the end of the day it's just you, but I hope you get through this.


Hopefully the further reports aren't bad.

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Oh wow, it breaks my heart to read that, and I really wish there was something that could be said to make you feel better. You will find that friends and families will come together,especially from such a small school, and support one another and that can only begin to help each other heal.

We had 5 different incredibly tragic deaths at my high school within 4 months. Rumors surfaced with each and every death so sometimes it's hard to believe some things that are said. But in the end everybody came together, even if they didn't personally know the victims.

I'll keep you and your high school in my thoughts.

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I have an update about the accident. The initial report was that there were 2high school kids killed in the accident. The offical report came out today and verified that 3 people were killed, however they were all international college students at a nearby university. Nobody from my high school was killed however there was 2 of them that were injured in the accident. They are both in the hospital and they're doing alright.

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