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Me and my bf have been together for 2+ years. My last period was the very end of January. Its now March 8. Sometimes my period freaks out and comes late because of stress. (This past month has been extremely stressful.) The condom didn't break or anything, but I'm just a little worried. Ive taken a few pregnancy tests, and they came up negative, but I have heard they can be wrong if you take them at the wrong time.


Am I overreacting? Or could I be pregnant?



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So you're period is maybe a week and a half late? The tests should be effective by now. If I were you, I would wait a little longer (maybe 3-4 days), and take another test if your period still has not come.


It sounds like your period is often irregular? You might want to schedule an appointment with a doctor just to check if everything is ok, although it is not unusual for teenagers to still have irregular periods.


If you are worried about pregnancy (and you would be young to have a child!), you might think about going on some form of BC. This could also help regulate your period. Of course there are side effects, so talk to the doc if you are interested.


Also: why are you so stressed? Can you cut any stress out? Are you eating/sleeping/exercising regularly? These can all help your body deal with stress. If you are so stressed out that your period regularly "freaks" out, I think you need to try and re-think your lifestyle so that things are less hectic.

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Yeah, I'm making an appointment for bc.


I'm so stressed out because of school and work mostly. I'm so overloaded. Next semester, I need to take less classes. But thank you for the advice... I'm freaking because like you said, I'm wayyy to young to have a child.

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I totally understand. I'm just 2 years older than you, and I worry so much about getting pregnant. That's why I think the two methods of BC might be a good option for you. (Good for you for making an appt by the way!)


I have been stressed this semester too, and as I said in the previous post, regular sleep and a balanced diet helps, exercise if you can fit it in (I am not so good about that, but I walk quite a bit). When I get stressed at night I often decide to go to bed - things look better in the morning!


Are there any commitments you can reduce so you have more time for your studies? When my work is stressing me out, I like to break it down into bite-size pieces. So when I feel "paralyzed" in front of my to-do-list, I pick the first thing that will take me 1/2 hr-1 hr - once I have something done, the rest flows much better.


BTW, try to relax. It doesn't sound like it's very likely you're pregnant, and stressing will just delay your period further..

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