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You can not be completely sure if the person you are going ask out for date would say yes. I know this happens to most people of both gender. So please do give your advice.


I have know this girl from work for a while. We have hanging out more than a little of late and I could see, through her actions, that she is interestes in me. She approachs me and starts conversations, she slightly punches my shoulder sometimes whenever I make her laugh. Even more interesting is that we went to eat a restaurant today, talking about our personal experience with being rejected and dating. During our talk she told me that she broke up with her boyfriend. Alriteeee.....-I could not restrain myself from being overwhelmingly happy.


I know nothing is for certain but I do have sense that if I ask her out on a real date, she would say yes.


The answer might be infront of me but I just need some reassurance.

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