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to deal with this im young and i just lost my first love we broke up over a stupid argument and we are both very depressed she is VERY emotional and so am i for a guy we tried not being friends then tried being friends and today after an innocent coming over to "talk" turning into me kissing her and she kissing me back im thinking it's all getting better then when im leaving (with the first REAL smile ive had since the breakup) and she said we have to let go im not sure what to do she saying that we should starting monday just take a break from any contact (like phone or in person) and maybe stuff will get better so is this right is what im asking should we go forth with this and what should i do to pass the time. it seems like my other love, skateboarding, has lost it's fun since we broke up. but idk it's only been 3 days

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Just do what your doing bud. I know its hard, its hard for everyone. There is more to life that just skateboarding. Join a club, start working out, get a job. Do anything and everything that can help pass the time. Every day that goes by, it will get a bit easier. Soon you will be able to start looking at other girls, I promise.


By the way, what was the argument? People rarely break up over a single fight!

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Well, you seem a bit depressed from the break up if your lvoe of skateboarding has gone missing. But, you should give her some space, and time, and see what happens. So, take a break form contact, or you will be forcing you on her, and that will not be good.


And keep yourself busy and mind of of her and the break up, and go skateboard soon.

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Yeah your right locke1212 it wasnt just one it all started when i introduced my bestfriend and my girlfriend, she liked him, she told him, he told me, me and girl almost break up, fixed everything, a few little arguments, noticed friend and girl were little to friendly, got into a lot of little fights over him, she said she didnt like him anymore, i believed her, other day friend wanted to hang out and skate i said no im hanging out with girl, girl wanted to hang out with friend, girl found out i wanted to hang out with her, she thought i was ditching my friends for her, she got really mad, later we got talking about her ex that she loved and she still hasnt let go of, and i said well then i guess it's over, cuz i thought she wanted him not me, friend got out of the question somehow?, girl wouldnt take me back, girl went to my friends for confort, he kissed her, and that when everything went down and i found my true friends, he called me crying and freaking out cuz he thought he had ruined us and now he wouldnt talk to her and she needs as many people as possible and i need her back...

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Man thats hard to read. Ok, let me see if I get this straight. Your gf thought your friend was cute. She said some stuff, he said some stuff and that got her thinking about other relationships, mostly her ex.


That made you mad and you cut her off...that was your first mistake..everyone thinks about the ex once and a while, that doesn't mean she still wanted him!


That precipitated her, not having you, going to your friend for comfort, and the had a kiss. Well, who's fault was that? Partially yours since you dumped her like a hot potato for talking about her ex. As for your friend, he sounds like it scared the crap out of him and he gave a full confession...good for him.


Now your peeved that someone besides you was able to comfort your ex because she got mad at .......



Aww screw it! Listen bud, you and her are striking sparks everytime you get together! Let me tell you something, all people have a roaming eye. So she thought your friend was cute..so what? Haven't you ever seen a girl that was cute and said so?


Everyone thinks about the ex once and awhile....that doesn't mean you dump 'em on the spot!


If I were you, I would go to her house, tell her that you know your an idiot, that you love her with all your heart and will she please forgive you for dumping her.


If that doesn't work, then forget her and move on! Find some way to take your mind off her and let the days pass. Sooner or later, you'll recover.


And don't dis your friend, he actually seems to be something of a victim here!






I think!

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