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Here is the story… I have been in what seems to be a somewhat unstable relationship with a friend of mine. She is someone I deeply care about and would like to get to know better. Like I had said, the relationship seems (at least to me) to be somewhat unstable. We met about a year ago, became acquainted at school and kept in contact over the summer, and then all contact just stopped. It wasn’t anyone’s fault we just somehow drifted apart. Being in school with her for the first couple of months I felt a bit awkward whenever I saw her. So I tried to stop the feeling by starting conversation again. Every once in a while I would say, “Hello!” or “How was your day?” Eventually we began having conversations as usual. The instability had stopped. So what is my problem here? I have developed somewhat of a crush on her. Whenever she walks into the room I immediately feel more relaxed and calm, yet my heart rate seems to rise just a little, and the light anxiety of “butterflies” overwhelms me. I feel admiration and caring for this girl. I would really like for trust to build up between us and for a connection to really grow, however I do not know how to go about doing this as I am not at all certain of her feelings towards me. How do I go about doing this and how might I go about building our relationship without making anyone feel awkward?

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