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How can I make them stop saying these things?

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My bf and I broke up about 2 months ago, since then people that were jealous of our relationship have been spreading rumors about me to my ex. They have been saying stuff like "she made out with another girl" or "i heard she did some nasty stuff with that guy" So now any hope of us getting back together is now shattered. I don't know how to tell him that these rumors aren't true. But most importantly, how can I help myself to not be feeling so helpless? It seems as though I am not in control of my social life anymore. Everybody seems to know more about my personal busisness than I do!

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One..why get back with an ex? You broke up for a reason. Two..if you have to tell them these rumors aren't true they couldn't have known you all to well. However, if the rumors are true maybe you need to be more careful next time.


As for people butting into your business, either they're very dull or your very interesting.


Look at it this way. They want to get with your ex, but obviously don't have that much to offer, so they trash you. Maybe they know the ex is still interested? Why don't you go find out.



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