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You can feel guilty, that is an option.



But lets get real here. No relationship starts with two people loving each other, they may be infatuated and want to behave like bunnies, but love is something that will develop later in the relationship. So you start with two people that like each other, and think that there will be good chances of a future.


So everytime you start a relationship you are takinga big chance, as love may develop or not. Maybe down the road you may find out that he/she/it wasn't how you expected that person to be, or sometimes behaves in a way you can't stand, or basically, to put it in a few words, it didn't worked out.


There is no way to know that in the beginning. At first all you know is that you expect it to work, and you prepare yourself to make it work.



Now, what usually happens is that out of that persons, one of them falls in love with the other, and the other one doesn't. At that point, the person that didn't fell in love should call it quits.

But that is not what usually happens. What usually happens is that the person that didn't fell in love, will try to stay with the other person in fear of hurting them, and giving the other person "one more chance" to fall in love with them.


Later on you know the story, the "in love" person falls even deeper, and the other one resents it, as it turned into a burden, until finally that person calls it quits. Should have done it way earlier in the relationship.



Accept what you did, accept that you may have not taken the best choices back then. But eventually you did, eventually you let go the other peson so they could find someone that deserves their love, and loves them in return.


Learn the lesson, and move on with your life.


Oh, forgot your question. How would I feel? Relieved.

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I've never broken up with someone. I HAVE lost feelings for someone, but never broken up with the guy. He ended up breaking up with me after some problems in our relationship.


I dont think I could ever break someone's heart and watch them be devastated. I know what that is like firsthand and I dont want to inflict that type of emotional pain on anyone.


But then, I am the type person who HATES hurting someone else and would rather see myself get hurt, than someone else.

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