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Alright, this is a rant because I need to get this out and can't talk to anyone right now. Basically the month of March feels like it will be full of drama for me..... oh, and it's random high school problems so if you don't want to listen to this juvenille stuff believe me, i completley understand.


Moving on...

Problem 1: one of my best friends told me she thought i was a brat becuase i whined to much last time we hung out (i was sick) and i guess i did but im mad because i don't know why....


Oh, watch this... I feel bad for this girl if it's true #


So yah..

Problem 2: I never get to see one of my other best friends because she is always with her new boy friend plus she isn't part of my main group so i almost never hang out with her now... and it sucks


problem 3: some of my friends not in this group feel neglected because there are only a few of them who can hang out on certain days which im busy on....


problem 4: im so tired and sore all the time (i have a medical condition) and don't want to bother talking about it because i don't want to be the one who whines all the time


problem 5: i think im starting to whine and all my girl friends are getting mad (i hate when i wine but i always listen to their problems and i feel like whenever im having a bad time i cant say anything because they wont want to listen)


problem 6: school work but who doesnt have that issue....ive got this one convered i guess


problem 7: im scared to death of sex or anything sexual related....im innocent and modest. oh i don't drink and am not very outgoing and im prety much the only girl in my group like that (i know, the old jump off a bridge analogy....)


problem 8: i think i like this guy but my guy friends hate him and that would never work out then


problem 9: i have a friend who keeps making jokes about us doing sexual stuff but i dont know if hes kidding anymore.... a relationship would never work out though, we almost tried before... that and one of my friends likes him.....oh, the farthest i've ever gone is kissing someone that i was dating...im quite conservative in that aspect


problem 10: i think i may be depressed....


Sooooo those are my problems.... some of them lol. This was a rant because i can't say this to anyone else because im seen as having a perfect life with nothing to complain about. I feel awful everytime I complain becuase i know my life is so much better than others so do i really have anything to complain about?!


Ugh... Help, please. Thanks in advance.

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