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dont know what to do anymore

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Women can be so complicated when they choose too.. im starting to get tired.


let me explain


theres this girl ive been really into for years and we always had a thing for each other. i met her over the internet about 2 years ago and we hit it off so well that we met each other 2 weeks later. At the time we were both in a relationship so we kept it as friends. Anyway time has passed and things have changed and we are both single now. Actualy thats not how it always was.. what happen is that im currently on pre deployment training to go overseas to afganistan in august. anyway when she found out about that she called me (first time in a blue moon) and all the sudden wanted to see me. At this time she was still with her b/f but was having problems with him. anyway we met up that night and hung out all night and she ended up kissing me and getting close to me. Its what ive always wanted i always really liked this girl but she was still with her b/f and it just couldnt be but i wanted it so badly. Anyway i left that same night but still kept in touch with her. 2-3 weeks later she tells me that she broke up with him. I come back on weekends to see her and when im back she doesnt make much of an effort to even try to see me, she says that she likes me alot and she hurts alot of guys... and she doesnt want to hurt me... she doesnt want me to be a rebound guy and stuff... i leave for 2 months and then come back back and i see her once in the whole 6 days ive been back and it was only for an hour.. i went to have lunch with her hardly kissed her and when i did.. she would somewhat pull back... i dunno if shes trying to tease me, if shes playing with me.. what her intensions are.the only place i ever get to really talk to her is over msn and i hate it so much.. and thats where she is saying how much she likes me and how amazing i am... she never ever calls.. and when she does im so shocked that i almost forget to pick up. I almost feel like giving up but ive come all this way i know i would come to regret it later on.. and i have such a hard time talking to her about all of this in person because when im with her none of this feels like it matters...


please what can i do ?

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I don't think she's into you now she's had (well a bit of) you.


Maybe she liked the chase, but now it's a possibility he interest has worn off. Maybe she's pulled away because she doesn't want to get attached to someone in a dangerous situation.


I would pull back some, and see how she reacts. I bet she ups the flirting to pull you back in. Don't let her pull you back in.

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I think you should stop making all the effort. Its sounds like she isnt really into the relationship.


Do what agent said and pull back and see how she reacts. When she starts flirting dont flirt back, be in control and let her put in all the effort. If she doesnt then move on because your wasting your time on someone who wont be 100% into the relationship.


Good luck!

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so ive been going crazy all day so i called her and was straight up and asked what do you want from me? after a 10 second pause she said she didnt know.. and then shes asked me if everything was alright and what got me thinking about it.. anyway.. she said she didnt know and that it was too early for her to know.. so imma give her some time to think and go from tehre

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