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Please, Please, Please don't think I am trying to be mean here, I am only trying to make a point, TRUST ME, I AM ON YOUR SIDE....


I have read your other posts from a few days ago when you got into the fight with him in the grocery store.


Honestly, not trying to be mean, but in my opinion the fight at the store was your fault.


He told you he didn't want to talk and you still persued him, walking him to his truck and demanding that he talk to you, which forced him to be a sh*t.


I've been there!!!!


I know it blows when a guy cheats on you, but you are better off to know now than five years from now when you are married and have a couple kids together.


Please forgive me for saying this but I honestly think your stripping episode in the bar was almost purposely done to get back at your ex for cheating on you.


You knew his brother was there and would take that story back to him, telling your ex...


"Do you know what your ex girlfriend did in the bar last night, she got naked and had all the guys looking at her".


I think it just made it easier because you had some liquid courage in you.


I may be wrong, you might have been drunk and gotten carried away and if that is really the case, you don't owe him shi*t for an explanation, he's the dog.


But if I'm right, your stripping only made it easier for him to say, see, this is why I cheated on her.


All I can say to you is I have been cheated on and yeah, I did some similar things as you did a few times, trying to get even, but one thing I have learned from that experience is just because my ex wanted to act like a snake, doesn't mean I have to, too.


You are making you own self look bad by trying to get even and honey, he isn't worth it.


You have to look at it this way, if an ex is going to talk about you down the road, make him say things like God, she was such a cute, funny girl, I miss her.


Don't make him say things like, "God, my ex is so psycho, she gets drunk in the bar and strips, she even got naked in front of my brother, she must want every guy in there, I am so glad I moved on".


Again, I am so sorry to put it to you like that, I know it hurts, but I have been there and I just see you doing things you shouldn't over somebody who really isn't worth it.


Please don't hate me

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