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Ok this is really making me mad and kinda bugging me. But here goes. My girlfriend likes to see two guys kiss. But it's not as bad as it use to be. She use to think it was really hot and she use to freak out about and like it like alottt. but it's not anywhere as bad as it use to be.


Well it's really bugging me now. And I need help getting over this. And she is trying to stop feeling that way about it.


Also. If she saw me kissing a guy 95% of her wouldn't like it. But the other 5% would. And that really bothers me. It almost makes me disgusted, and it makes her less desirable. But I know it's wrong for me to think that. I need help. Is it normal for me to feel this way? What can we do to fix this. Cause I feel really weird when I talk to her.

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Are you disgusted that your girlfriend like to watch dudes kissing? Or are you really just disgusted by the idea of two guys making out?


So many men love to watch girls kissing. Lesbian porn etc is a huge turn on for many of us. The reverse is less common I think but plausible.


If it turns her on, it turns her on. I don't think she should try to squelch that thought. But I don't see why you two need to mention it or bring it up in your sex lives. It disgusts you. It turns her on. Big difference there.

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Sounds like it's linked to a fantasy. We all have them. Our partners may not be impressed, may not care, or may want to make them come true. It's generally not a big issue though unless it invades on real life and causes an issue. This doesn't sound like it should be an issue unless she's insisting you go around kissing other guys. Sounds like she's not based on your 95% stats.


I don't think it's so much for her to fix as it is for you to just realize it shouldn't have an impact on your relationship.

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Lots of girls think that is hot, just like all guys think its hot when two girls kiss. I think you are making a mountain out of a mole hill here. Just let it go. I am sure you have some fantasies that she wouldn't exactly get all excited about also.

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i bet you like to see 2 girls kiss. What is that movie called when Alyssa Milano kisses anothe girl and touches her breast???

Are you homophobic?


Its her fantasy. Leave it alone. Just like you have your fantsy, you would not want her telling what you can have in your fantasy.

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That was my last gf, and I'm not disgusted by seeing to guys kiss, it doesn't bother me. But I don't like it. But yeah.


Anyways, now I have more time to tell my story. Last night we got into a fight about it, and since then she doesn't like it anymore, it makes her mad to think of it, and it also makes her feel weird. Well I didn't want that. I wanted her to change her mind on her own. I didn't want to change her. But she changed for me. She told me she is also growing out of it and stuff. But now I feel really bad. And I don't know what to do. I really love this girl, and I know she loves me. Just I really need to get over this.


So yeah.

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This doesn't sound particularly great. It's possible she's changed her mind on it just to avoid further fights.


I think you're missing the main message here though. It's not up to her to change her mind to come around to your way of thinking, it's more about the two of you coming to terms with what you both feel and dealing with it that way. Expecting her to change because you don't like the way she thinks about things is not a healthy way to have a relationship.

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oh, where in the heck is it that you are going that you see 2 guys kissing anyways? i almost never see this happening when i'm out and about.


also, i never said anything about my gf kissing another girl. i don't think that is cool. i just said i like seeing 2 girls kiss. not is one was tied to me.

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My ex thought it was a turn on to see two guys kiss. I thought it was kinda of weird. Maybe it's because obviously I can't share that fantasy with her.


However, on a more general sense, I can relate to when something about your SO makes you suddenly her feel less desirable for you. If I knew my gf had been with a ton of guys (whatever that number may be for you - usually 2-3x more than your own count) I'd be slightly turned off.

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