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Had protected sex last night with condom. She just got off her period March 4. She started her Period Feb 28. Last night was March 6. Thats 6 days since she started her last period. ANyhow, the condom broke last night and I finished without knowing. She is as regular as clock work with a 30 day cycle. We are not overly concerned, but just wanted a few opinions.

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OK, also it depends on the length of her cycle, whether she's regular, etc. If she's regular, and ovulates like most women in the middle of a 28 day cycle, she might be expected to ovulate say on day 12-16 after 28-Feb. So theoretically combine that with the five day window that sperm may be alive (five days is an extreme I think). So then, she'd ovulate between March 11 and March 15th, and your sperm could be alive still on March 11. I say the chances are quite slim, but hey, possible. The morning after isn't even a guarantee. Anyway, hope that helps. As always, I'm not a medical doctor and can't guarantee anything.

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