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Consitpation - so uncomfortable

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Ok this is quite embarrassing but i need advice...


Lately (like im talking weeks) I've had really bad constipation. I really have to force myself to go. N my belly hurts after i eat n i feel all bloated n heavy. My tummy even looks fatter. I've tried drinking more water as i know i dont drink enough but is there anything i else i can do?


All suggestions are appriciated as im quite uncomfortable.



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Don't be embarrassed! It's a normal, natural thing and I have no idea why people blush over this kind of thing.


Try natural remedies before you take anything from the drugstore. Using laxatives for an extended period of time will cause even more harm.


Prunes and prune juice, as mentioned, are great. I eat a big bowl of raisin bran every day for breakfast. Herbal tea can be a quick fix. Beans are good too.


When you go, don't push to get it out. It will cause hemorrhoids which is an even bigger problem. Just try to relax.

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Prune juice is good. It helped my kid go. Also, warm apple juice. Lots of leafy greens, less cheese and meat. Lots of water. Oatmeal. Stool softeners (not addictive, unlike laxatives). Broccoli and carrots. A fiber supplement. Warm baths.


And then there's always my great-grandma's sure fire cure for constipation. 6-7 shredded large carrots, one can of cut up pineapple pieces, a handful of raisins, and a little bit of mayonnaise to get it all to stick together. Always works for me.


Don't do all of this at once, as it'll make you gassy, which'll be even more uncomfortable. Try one at a time till you find something that works for you.

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Like everyone has said, foods high in fiber (fruits and vegetables - prunes, peppers, grapefruit, also some high-fiber cereals), lots of water. Caffeine/coffee works for some people.


You could also buy a stool softener (not a laxative) from the pharmacy and start with that. If it doesn't get better though you should go see a doc.

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