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difference between dating and a relationship

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at what point does dating become more of a relationship, or does it really matter what it is? Is it necessary to ask someone to be your girlfriend?


Background here. Been seeing a girl for couple of months now, in contact by text/phone/email everyday for this time. Meet up once a week at least. Last few occasions things have been intimate.


Is this still termed dating, or would you say it has moved on from this?

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i think it happens naturally at some point. when you get closer together, start sharing your feelings that you are exclusive, and that you are serious about each other, and want to put in the effort to make this work as long as it takes. you lose count of how many times you've been going out (this is our 15th date, or is it our 16th?), it is no longer a question of ringing up and asking “will you come on a dayte” it is assumed that you will see each other twice a week or so, each time you see each other you make tentative plans for the next time you see each other.


Naturally everyone defines their definition of what they call dating/seeing someone/bf/gf etc.


For me it’s normally around 1-2 months (6-12 dates/hangout). If I don't pmatch with someone I’ll know normally on the first date, and definitely by the 3rd/4th. Personally I’m fairly selective, and 95% of the woman don’t get past 3rd-4th date, if someone does then I must see them as having some relationship potential.

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