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hey everyone, i need to give some history to this story first, its not long. i was raped a few months back, by my ex's dad. i had this friend who would spend up to 8 hours in the hospital with me. he was always there for me. however once i got out of weeks in hospital, and then re-admitted for another two weeks. he decided that the first time i got 'drunk' he decided to have sex with me, i dont remember it, but i know it happened coz i could feel it later, and he told me.


i was really up set and felt really betrayed. but i stayed friends with him. the next day i went up to talk to him, but i fell asleep, only to wake up to him touching me and kissing me. i didnt want to talk to him, or have anything to do with him. but i felt so bad for everything that he had done for me in the past, so i stayed friends with him. then i went up about 3 weeks later, again fell asleep (i have depression, and sleep alot) only to have to him fingering me, and touching me all over. i got so angry called him a sick barstard and walked out. he didnt come after me, he didnt say anything and he hasnt tried to contact me.


i feel so guilty and bad, he was a great friend, and so many times has helped me, but i dont know what to do.


please help me work out what to do. i just dont know who to trust now.

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He's taken advantage of you, and you really don't need some one like him in your life.. Just ignor him, take NC with him.. And if you do go around there again, make sure its not in the evening, and you have plans for after. You can't let him do this, because he may feel like he's allowed to do it!


Exactly, He has used your low period in your life (which we all get) to befriend you and then has taken advantage for his own gratification. If he cared for you and wanted a relationship, then he would want to share the act of lovemaking with you.


I personally would report this, as committing a sex act without someones permission is a crime. (if it was a stranger using date rape drug, you would report it). If he can do this to you, he will do it to others. The choice is yours.


However putting that to one side, not all men are like this, dont let this unfortunate incedent taint your view of men. Just be mindfull that a few men and women can be like this.


You take care



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