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Fading away? Am I committed and she isn't?

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Hey Guys, havn't had to come on here for a while, everythings been going so great. Almost been going out a year now, and I've never felt this way before. This last week has been kinda weird, my gf has been acting strange, almost as if she's in a bad mood. We've been spending less time together, which normally is good, but it doesn't feel like it's helping anything this time. Normally when she's in a bad mood or under stress she acts like she has been, but not like a week straight, and I know she's not pregnant so that can't be the case. It's almost as if she doesn't care that I'm around anymore, and it just feels awkward. I would give up the world to keep her, and I'm hoping that its just stress or something... But I dont want to lie to myself if it isn't :S... I did that for 8 months once with a girld nad it wasn't pretty.


Anyone have any comments or suggestions, I wouldn't post if i didn't feel like something weird was going on. THanks in advance.

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I'll admit, I get like that with my guy sometimes... when I'm tired or just having a rough time in my own head.... rather than talking to him and crying I usually shut it in and end up moody... but it's usually not even about him. In all honesty, your best bet is to just check in once in a while to ask her if she is okay, and if there's anything you can do - but also give her the space she obviously needs right now! Maybe send her a bunch of flowers with a card saying "notice you've been a little down lately - hope this puts a smile on your face" it's worth a shot!

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