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If you were on the rebound...

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If you were on the rebound, would you hook-up with an ex or a stranger? With a stranger, there's no chance of getting hurt or attached, but sometimes meaningless sex can make you feel worse. With an ex, well, I don't know - never had the guts to try that (although I am on good terms with all my exes) .. comments, anyone?


If this has been a previous topic, I apologize - I am a newbie!!!

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Hooked up with an ex once while on the rebound. It was a bad idea because he wanted a relationship and after all that he put me through the first time around, I couldn't go back even though part of me really wanted to. It was a hard situation for both of us and ultimately it probably killed our friendship, although we still speak, it definitely put a damper on our friendship. But honestly I think that may be for the best. There were a lot of problems between us and it may not be a bad thing that that was something that pushed us further apart.


The real downside for me was that it made me miss the ex that I was on the rebound from even more because I kept comparing him to the other ex and thinking how much happier I was in the relationship I had just gotten out of that in the one that was now being offered.

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