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There's a girl I know who's in the same friendship group as me and I'd liked her for a long time to the point that I felt, although I hadn't spoken to her much, I was falling in love with. She's a friend of a friend and we were getting on really well of late.

However, last week I was getting texts from a no. I didn't recognise, pretending to be from a girl I met on a drunken night out. I knew it was a wind up but played along with it (although the person thinks I've fallen for it). These texts are still continuing.


Today I found out that the texts are from her and it turns out that along with another guy in our group they have been playing a practical joke on me. They seem intent on carrying on the joke for as long as possible to the point of making me turn up to meet this person, who doesn't actually exist.


Now I'm the first to play a joke on someone and often dish it out, knowing with willingness that I will have to take it too. To me though this is well below the belt and mean and spiteful. I think this goes beyond humour because I feel that my emotions are being played with. I'm completely against jokes which involve messing with people's emotions.


I don't know what to do about this because I feel quite let down by both people. i don't think this is the sort of thing that friends do to each other and feel like telling them exactly what i think. It's not that simple though because we go out as a group and I don't want to make things awkward.


Just curious to hear what people think. Please let me know if you think I'm overreacting.

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alright you have two options, play along, or stop it all together....


playing along: when it is time to meet, get a friend of yours to go instead of you and have him pretend he got the texts the whole time, they will know they've been had, and that you knew they were messing with you


Or you can stop it, and just text back that you would remember a girl from a drunken night, and you know who really is texting you. and then just give them the facts. they will either come forward and talk to you, or just drop it at that. this way it won't really hurt anyone.....but it will stop.

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