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Refusing a kiss?

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Well.. im just curious, you're dating a guy/girl you really enjoy spending time with. You're only dating, you've kissed before, and you're in an environment with alot of people you know. (Work for example) So, you lean in to give that person a kiss, a simple sign of affection, not a make-out session, just a good-bye kiss.


Too much to ask for? Would you refuse? I'm hurt right now.

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I think that you should be officially together before you attempt to do this in public around people that you know. If a girl that I was just dating tried to kiss me in public around a bunch of my friends or worse coworkers, I would feel like she was trying to claim her territory. If it were her friends or coworkers I wouldnt care so much. Just a little too much too soon.

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100% agree with Bankers24. There are couples here where I work (an incredibly large, global technology company) that have met, dated, married, and even HAD KIDS together and you just find out after the fact they were together... PDA is definitely frowned upon. You must be young?


Nothing wrong with dating in the workplace if you think you can handle yourself if things don't work out... But keep it out of the office.

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Don't be hurt. It's wise to be discreet about your relationship for at least the first few months around people you both know. It can also be fun and make the relationship more exciting when it's your own secret. Don't be hurt and don't push this.

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She wants a commitment, but i'm not ready, see we've already been a couple before. And basically, told me she had feelings for another guy, so I took it at face and moved on, few weeks back she asked me if I wanted to try again. I really didn't know how to respond, so I said sure, I'll see if I really want this girl as much as I used to. I dunno now though.

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What was her attitude towards PDA before? Did she use to have intense make-out sessions with you for everyone to see, or has she always been relatively private?


I personally never kiss in public (though I am fine with holding hands and so forth), so that attitude would not be strange for me.


I agree with Ilse that she might be feeling uncertain about the relationship, and thereforeeee doesn't want to broadcast it to the world in case it doesn't work out.

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I wouldn't be comfortable kissing in public either no matter how long the relationship has been or how close we were. I am fine with an arm around my shoulders or hand-holding though. Its just kissing is a bit too intimate to be shared with strangers. ;p

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