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Who's Right, Who's wrong???

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I know in a relationship no one is right and no one is wrong, but this time my boyfriend has done it! Here's some background info. I'm 21 and my boyfriend is 23. We are in a serious relationship and are already dreaming about the future together after we graduate college. Our one year anniversary is coming up and he took the day off work to spend it with me, but he also scheduled to go to a car show that entire day with his "boys". I know that on your anniversary, a loving man should spend that day with his love and reflect on all the good and bad memories of that year, just remenice. Anyways that hurt me tramendously, but i convinced myself that if he really loves me he wouldn't have been with me for this long so we should celebrate everyday as a day of love... anyways that's not the problem. My problem is, is that for the past 2 weeks he's been treating me so well and filling my head with all these positive ideas of us together and then he turns around yesterday being cranky and ignoring me and just about everything we ended up fighting on. it got to the point where he's just like "leave me alone, just go home".. i was mad because we both work and we don't spend any time together anymore and he can have the heart to just tell me to go home.. all he had to do was just give me a hug and say "sorry".. i ended up ripping his calendar with our anniversary month and said "this is what our anniversary means to you". his dad was in the other room and i was walking out of his house when my bf called me a "b-i-t-c-h" and his dad was like "what's going on".. i said.. "your son just called me a bitch"... anyways i feel like my boyfriend can be loving one day, and a monster the next.. that leaves me hurting really deep inside.. and i hate how his family knows that we had an argument. I like it sorta too because i'm hoping his dad can tell him to treat women a bit better because i feel he can be so imature at times. I havn't spoke to him since and im in tears waiting by the phone, knowing it won't ring. my boyfriend is to stubbourn to say he's sorry, and im left crying all day. i'm so sad that he can't recognize our anniversary. Should a real man dedicate this day to his woman?? please help me.

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You know something...I am starting to hesitate giving advice to those who refuse to take it..or those who do take it then...re write the forum later about the same thing I helped them with..then they pm..me tellingme they wish they would have listen...so here goes again...pearls to ...





I think he is a selfish person..

I think he has a real problem. You aniversary? I don't care if stevie nix came into town..I'm either taking you to the car show with me, or were not going.end of story. Give him some space..because I for see some abuse here with him uttering the words .B...I..T..C..H.



Give him some space and think about if you want to remain in a relationship with someone that puts there friends before you!

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