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Good-bye 4 now...

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Today I think will be the last day for me here.

I won't be here for awhile..but I might eventually be back I am not sure.

I am just not in a good place...I have not been like this in awhile.

But I just can't be here..right now.


Thanks for everything..


I will miss u.



I for one will be sad to see you go Azure, and I would like to ask you to reconsider.


You have so much you can offer to people here, and I might need your support in the future!


If you really feel that you need a break then of course I respect your decision, but I hope that you return and you will be in my thoughts.


Please take care...

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Sometimes ... you just need a break or a change. No appogies or excuses necessary.


I'm sorry you're in a bad place. Many of us have been there in the past. Please don't let it get the better of you though, okay?


Don't make the decision final, and we'll leave the door unlocked and a light on in the window. You're always welcome here.

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