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I pour my heart out to you,


Feelings gush, tears flow, emotions pour


Like the flames of a raging fire


A fire never to be slaked, to be put out, a fire that burns deep inside me, engulfing my soul,


a soul destined for nothing, darkness, pain, suffering,


a desolate wandering soul


Destined to wander along, in the cold, dark desert of my emotions.


I cry out to be wanted.


Rejected I am always.


Life is so dark, so bleak,


Then why do I exist, why.


What have I done to deserve this bleak existence, where no man, woman or child reaches out to me.


Am I destined to walk alone forever.


If so, take my sufferings away.


For I suffer so, my thirst is never quenched, never slaked.


Now, I lay me down to sleep.


To forget this desolate, lonely life of mines.

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Wow, powerful writing Ren. I'm really not a fan of poetry as a rule, but I felt your words and I sense it comes from the heart. You appear to have a talent for expressing emotions in writing.


I won't say I enjoyed it because enjoy is the wrong word, but I was moved by it.


Take care...

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