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well my gf and i broke up a month ago after 11 months of going out cause she grew apart from me...i went no contact with her for about a month and each and everyday i loved her more and more....and then i asked her if she liked me at all and she said iw asjust a friends to her now/... what do i do??i love her soo much...im jus a big mess now and i feel all depressed all the time...ive been smoking weed more and more everyday cause it helps me forget her and i cant think of anything without her...nothing i do is the same with out her....ineed a reason every morning to get up and i wish i would jus fall asleep and never wake up....please help me

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I'm sorry you're hearbroken, but weed won't help you recover any faster.

You need to think your way out of this misery with a clear head, get stronger and then hit the bong for fun, not to kill your feelings.

Save your stash to celebrate recovery.

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Hi there,


I know it's really hard for you right now but imagine if you guys were married?? Look at her as a part of your experience and do not let her make you feel so sad and down? Do you really think she would want you back if she knew you are smoking weed? Don't take it as a personal rejection. Try to accept it and try to move on and gain some more confidence in yourself. Go to the gym, go and meet your friends, learn something new. Love yourself now. Don't destroy yourself over someone who you knew 11 months.


You know yourself all your life and you need to look after yourself so go out there and try to do something for yourself! Now it's the time.


Be strong, you will manage without her.

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I was with my ex for nearly 11 month. she broke it off when i was doing a training course somewhere else in the country for a promotion i took at work when i was offered it. I know how u feel m8 its hard. I nearly turned to the Bong myself. Havent smoked it in a year and a half by now. I will not at any point lie to u mate. Its hard It hurts like hell. the fact is m8 u gotta Force yourself to get out of bed. Force yourself to smile, and laugh with friends.


We know it hurts so much to loose the one you love. I tried the friends thing against all the good advice ppl here gave me. It didnt work it made me worse. I broke no contact every few days.. Made me worse i felt better at the time but it was just a reminder of what i missed.


What helped me abit. Time alone, Time to think, Work throught he hurt,, Nights out with friends to laugh and joke on smile again. Have fun Work through it at my pace. I no longer feel the same as i did.. That first few month was hard. Hardest thing ive gone through in my life. But im wiser for it, I wont let myself get so attahed to some1 again so easily.


Keep ur chin up m8 stay clear of the dope try not to drink unless your with a good crowd of m8s that willl make u laugh and forget for a while...


And remember NOT TO CONTACT HER. its the biggest mistake ever to get in touch with them leave it where it is. Dont go lookin for the asnwers cause the answers wont help its over and you just have to learn to accept it

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I agree 100% Just gone through the exact same. The end of the relationship is like a berievement. The person who was emotional interested in you has gone. The girl that remains is not the person who was emotionaly interest in you. She is a different person.


The trouble with contact is that you cannot separate the two people and you expect her to act like the girl who had the emotional interest in you, but that interest is gone, for whatever reason. She cannot be that person any more. (Think back to when you desired and loved a girl and your feelings for her changed !!! You could not simply get them back and to her you would seem like to different people).


That is one reason why you need no contact. The other is to grieve, yes greive the loss of the person who was emotional interested in you. Treat the person like they are no longer in existence. By no contact with the person your mind will get used to not having her there. It takes time and is V hard, going through the exact same now.


Were here for you my friend.


Regards 4 answers.

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but when i made no contact with her for a month my feelings for her grew...its liek that old saying where ppl say that you dont realize how much you love somone till there gone...i thoughti loved her with al my heart but i realized that i didnt even know what love was until she was gone just keep loving her more an dmore

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Just 5 words for you...






You need to try to refocus on your thoughts. This is seriously taking too huge of a toll on you. We are all here for you, but no one can do it for you. You have no control of this situation, just like the rest of the world has no control over what anyone else does or doesnt do. What you can do however, is taking control of your own thoughts. Try really hard to see that life is not only about this girl. You have your whole life ahead of you, and your life is not over. I know how much it can feel this way. Pull yourself up, and be good to yourself. I promise you, it will be OK. We are all here for you.


Make sure you are eating, sleeping, and I highly recommend staying away from drugs and alcohol completely at this time. Take this time to heal and figure out why you need her so much in your life.

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