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So Not What I Though


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Okay. About 3 weeks ago my boyfriend of 5 months dumped me. He said he was sorry and that it had nothing to do with me at all. He said it was his won problems and he loved me but needed a break. It hurt, really bad. He acted a little mean, but I guess I was mean back. The day after he left me, he told my best friend who was feeling kinda down that she was hot. I immediately though the wort and that he had left me for her. Well, she phone me and said she would never do that behind my back, but also that she felt better. I was talking to him that same night and kinda got mad. He in return got mad as well and asked how I could ever think that. Since then we just sorta talked over the internet, andonce on the phone. His family and I are really close. His mom and I tlak on a regular basis, as well as me and his sister. They keep asking me when I'm coming to visit and I keep posponing it because I fell it will be too awkward. But then tongiht, me and my ex were tlaking and he asked how I was doing. I said I was doing fine, and that I missed him. He said he was doing good and that he missed me too. he said he was sorry for making me think he left me for my friend. Then he asked when I was gonna come and see him. I said why?Do you miss me that much? He said yes, then said he was stressed and he wanted a break. I said I know, then he replied with I need a few more weeks and I'll be back to normal. He sent me a smiley and a wink. I'm proboably going to go see him this weekend, but...before I get to ahead of myself, is he messing wiht me? Or does he mean it? I truthefully think he means everyword. He has drastic moodswings, and I understand. I'm only asking because what if I don't see it. But, I do believe he is sorry, and that when we see eachother everything will be better. I miss him like crazy, but I've been trying to forget about him, and it's not working. So...what should I do here? I want honest, and expeirienced advice. Please and thanxs.

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I think he may have been trying to cheer your friend up, but if I were in your shoes, I'd want to know why he dumped me in the first place and whether it would happen again if I made up with him.


I'd be willing to give him a second chance (everyone makes mistakes), but only one second chance if I understood and accepted his answer. I do not like being hurt needlessly, and if I felt like nothing was resolved and I would likely be dumped again, I would move on.

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