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My BF of 4 years broke down and admitted to me that he kissed a good friend of mine.


While I have never been one to support cheating, I don't know what to do. Part of me wants to work through it, but the other part of me is jsut so sad. I have never doubted my trust in him until now and all I can think about is him kissing someone else. I love him with all my heart, I can't believe i'm still saying that, but I really do.


Is a kiss with someone else enough to ruin this relationship? Am I over reacting?

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The friend is out of the picture....she obviously doesn't fall into the 'friend' catagory anymore.


I can give him credit for being honest enough to tell me, but besides that he gets no credit. I feel betrayed and thats that.


I just don't know where I'm supposed to go from here.

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He kissed another girl...not good...but I think that you could work through it if he said he was sorry and would never do it again. There are a lot worse things to do than just kissing another girl. The fact that it was a friend of yours is more of a concern-what kind of friend is this? I think you should be mad at both. This is just not a good situation. You need to talk to your friend and she what the deal is, then you need to make a decision on if you will forgive your boyfriend or not. Personally, I feel everyone deserves a second chance; it's the third, fourth, fifth, etc. that gets to be wrong.

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huh, seems my views are a little warped. by "kiss" do you mean like on the cheak,a make out thing, one on the lips, ect? It kinda depends on the extent of the kiss in my opinion. the more serious it was the more pissed I would get LoL. if it were just a quick one on the cheak I would feel a little insecure but i'd get over it. just so long as it didnt happen to often. but if it were a make out thing I would give him a swift one below the belt LoL. but it all depends on your outlook of things it is obvious your pretty upset, so talk to him and make sure he doesnt do something like this agian.

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this was a one time thing right? and he obviously knows it was wrong, since he admitted it, and that took a whole lot of guts. He put the relationship on the line because he cares so much for you that he couldn't ever lie. If that doesn't keep your trust in him, what can? He made a bad mistake, but its apparent he still loves you. Just a mistake, and you only live once. though he hurt you, in the end you will be happier because you would only regret it if you let him go. good luck with you two in your (hopefully) future togethre

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Thanks guys.


Your posts did help me. I've decided to stick with it and see how things go. I don't want this to ruin things between us forever. I want to trust him with all my heart, but he knows that's something that isn't going to come easy. I give him credit for having the balls to tell me I would have hated to hear it from HER. But it still doesn't make things better.


As for her, we haven't had words yet, but we will. I just don't understand how people can be so cruel to their 'friends'.....

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