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Contacting girl from my high school

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There is a girl I had a thing for in high school. Whenever summer comes around, and I go home for that duration, there is NObody to hang out with. My friends that I used to hang out with all moved away. The girl is in my facebook friends, so I could contact her through that first, and I have her IM name. We never talked during high school (which we graduated from 4 years ago) but I'm pretty sure she knows who I am. would it be creepy/desperate if I tried to contact her over summer, or maybe start talking to her soon to get a good rapport? Be honest, because at first I thought it would be a good way to start a summer fling and now that I'm not as shy as I was in highschool I'm willing to try. But then I started to think I'm grasping at straws. What do you think?


I guess girls' opinions would help. If a guy from your high school you didn't know well contacted you, would that be weird. Keep in mind I was a nice guy in high school, well liked, and anybody who knew me in would probably say so. I wasn't popular, but I always got along with people and a lot of people knew me.

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I think it's perfectly fine to contact her. Heck, it's almost like a high school reunion, only one-on-one. If she thinks it's weird, she doesn't have to respond or agree to do anything. Just don't press the issue too much...if she doesn't seem interested, leave it at that.


Recently I've been randomly contacting people from high school just to say hi and catch up on the last three years of our lives...Sure, we were kind of friends, but after such a long time, they are basically strangers. They responded well though, so there's some hope for you too!

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If a guy I went to high school with contacted me out of the blue to hang out with me.....


...hmmmm.......being honest...... I would think it was a bit creepy. Like....what made you think of ME?


B U T ......if I ran into him or he "came accross" my facebook or MySpace....I wouldn't think it was as weird. Cos that stuff happens.


Soooo..... I guess what I'm trying to say is if you make it look legitmately casual, she'll most likely be down.

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well see if this is weird: I just noticed that her IM name seems like it has her birth date in it (it has 4 numbers with an appropiate year ending for our ages), which was recently. So I facebook messaged her to say that I noticed her IM name seemed like that and was curious if it was her birthday, and that if it wasn't I'm using the oppurtunity to say 'hi'. Now if I'm right about the birthday I'd think it was a genuine reason to contact her. If not, then I'm afraid it might seem creepy.

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As kind of an update, she messaged me back to say thanks for the message, mentioned how time flew after high-school, blah blah but she ended it with "good luck with everything" so I feel like the communication is over. She did mention traveling she did over break, maybe I could ask her about that.


Would it seem creepy to her if I messaged again with some conversation, or IMed her? I originally pretended to come accross her IM name by accident, even though I knew it was her. The thing is I messaged her originally with just a "happy birthday" and to ask how she was doing and she answered those questions. I guess I wouldn't know where to go with it without seeming like a stalker.

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