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Not going anywhere.

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Hey slightlyscared!


This is identical to what happened me with my boyfriend. He's older than me and not a virgin, I was and so he was acting the same as your boyfriend cos he didn't want to push me into doing anything i wasn't ready for. In the end I had to make the first moves to show him that I was ready.

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I don't know that I would recommend going into sex that soon in the relationship, but to each his own.


I assume you mean anything sexual at all. Making out? Nothing? I think shedding a piece of clothing here and there would do it lol, kissing a little more passionately would also definitely get his blood boiling. No kiss? It's time to start being more playful, touchy feely.


I suggest after a few hints, if that doesn't work, just talk to him about it. He probably has his own reasons for not putting on the moves yet.


But really...don't rush it

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We've made out, but nothing beyond that. I know I'm not ready for sex, so definitely not that far yet.


My whole problem is that I'm sort of afraid to make the first move (hence the name: slightlyscared), I'll follow up if he does though. I will make the first move and have before, but I'm kind of a turkey when it comes to that.

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