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me and this girl (she's 15) hung out one time this summer and now that we're already into two weeks in the school year, I have a good feeling she likes me. She smiles at me a lot and looks at me for a while. I am certainly confident that she does.


I like her too but I dont know how to ask her to hangout- in school, on the phone, online? What do u think would be the best approach and what do u think we should do? (And i dont think i should ask her out yet since we only hung out once)


What do two people (guy and girl) do with eachother? movies? hangout at houses?


give me some tips please

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well, I have a similar problem but im 3 weeks into school and I think this girl i sit with next to in math class might be attracted to me......I know I'am to her but we've only talked once, she smiles at me alot to but i don't know if shes being friendly or if she just likes me....If I were you I would give it awhile and see if shes just being friendly, or if she really does like you.

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No No No!!!!!! Dont do it over the phone or the internet!!!! Do it in person! And take her to the movies,the mall or something.....And dont be scared...just don't touch her...if you know what I mean(lol) Hold her hand and talk to her, find out what she likes and doesn't...awwwww you make me want to go out on a date with my man!!!! Tooooooo bad I'm on punishment!(lol)



hope I helped


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