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i think im over the worst of it.... but kinda scared

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me and BF split on valentines so nearly 3 weeks ago.


at first i couldnt sleep or eat,, broke NC twice and made a fool of myself crying and begging. it didnt really seem to get much better at all and i desperatly wanted him back n felt i jsut couldnt live without him.


since saturday evening/sunday... thinks have felt weridly better. i can sleep, i can eat, im not in constant pain and i even feel like i dont need him to live (even though i wudnt say no if he came back)


but now im starting to get scared coz i feel like i am letting go... but part of me doesnt want to let go. ive had offers of dates and im seriously considering it now... really scared in case i end up really liking one of ths guys and that will mean that its truly over for good with my ex.

im taking up Boxing on wednesday, im re-starting career in modeling which i got lazy with n stopped while i was with my ex... so things are really looking up.

why do i feel so scared about totaly letting go???

even though i wont do this.. i feel like emailing my ex and telling him that he aint got long to come back coz i think i will be over him soon

i have this horrible feeling that im gonna be well over him and he will come back and wish he hadnt finished it n said some of the mean things he said to me.



i cant believe how suddenly it happened.... the pain just kinda went . and i wont lie n say i dont miss him coz i really do... but im not feeling that unbearable pain any more.

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even though i wont do this.. i feel like emailing my ex and telling him that he aint got long to come back coz i think i will be over him soon


He'll laugh at you and think you are just trying to say that to get a rise out of him (and from my PoV it looks like that is EXACTLY what you want from him)


Back off, do NC, don't respond to him, don't call him. It'll all be ok soon enough.

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Good for you. It is nice when you do finally start to feel better after a relationship ends. It is completely normal to be afraid to let go. Its pretty scary to give up something that was once so important to you. You will let go at your own pace a little bit at a time.


When my ex broke up with me a little over six months ago I felt the same way you do. Hoping that she would come back before it was "too late", now I just don't even think about it and if she were to come crawling back I am afraid that I would have to show her that same door that was slammed in my face six months ago.


Point being with some time you will feel indifference torwards you ex and what scares you now will be nothing but an afterthought in a few months.

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hey girl,


I think as soon as you will write him, you will feel a set back. Because what will you do? Exactly, you will wait for a response that may not even come. Let go. The road will be up and down for a bit, but it's always forward, remember that! I am happy you are starting to feel better.


Take care,



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