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I feel like everyone is on my back.

My boyfriend and my parents don't seem to think I'm recovering fast enough.

I'm just plain tired.

And I'm through with trying to please them. I don't know. I'm doing the best I can under the current conditions.

I'd wish they'd just give me my space.

I'm tired of hearing, "I just want to help you".

I tell them what they can do to help and they don't listen.

I give up.

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Hi Grace,


You don't indicate what you are trying to recover from, but surely it is for you to dictate the pace of your recovery, not those who want you to recover. I'm sure you are trying your very best, you would know if you weren't. So don't be hard on yourself. Not everyone is blessed with understanding, or even tact, but I'm sure your boyfriend and parents have your best interests at heart. They perhaps just have a misguided way of showing it.


Would love to hear more of your situation if you would be willing to share, either within this thread or you can PM me any time.


Take care...

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Have you tried expressing to them that their constant attention and worry that you aren't getting better faster is stressing you out? And as superior147 said, we don't know what you are trying to recover from but depending on what it is, perhaps they are afraid what the outcome of you not fully recovering would be or maybe what happened scared them so much that they want nothing more than for things to go back to normal.


Despite all of that, you need make your point known- you need to be allowed to recover at your own pace! No matter what you are recovering from, it's not going to help you at all to feel like you can't take things at your own pace. I would reccommend sitting your boyfriend and family down and talking to them about how they are making you feel.


Good luck and best of wishes!

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