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me and my ex had been dating for a year and the day we broke up we got into a real bad argument and i'm guessing that was what we broke up over. well he left and went to his moms to think (so he says) and came back and he called me one morning at 3:00 am, just to talk he said then we talked on the internet the next night and he kept asking me to come over to his house but i didn't. he ask me about guys and if i have another boyfriend like he's jealeous and i tell him that i haven't had anything to do with other guys and i don't have another boyfriend. he tells his cousin that he still loves me and he misses me but i just want to know why he don't just tell me that and i tell him that i still love him and i want him back. i want to know if i should take matters into my own hands or if i should just let it go and move on if any body has any advice please give it to me.

Its better to have loved an lost, then to have never loved!




P.s. i called him yesterday and this girl that liked him when we were going out answerd the phone and then i found out that him and her were talking but he said that he still loved me and that he wanted to be with me and he would give me another chance, so what am i supposed to do about that?? He said that he called me last night but all he did was call and hang up before i answerd and it wasn't even a full ring it was a half of a ring. his cousin tells me that the reason he hasn't called me is because he dosen't want that girl to run her mouth about me. what do i do!!!!

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Hi There !


If you want him, go and get him !! If your sure thats what you want - then yeah ! He may seem unsure of what to do - but agree with yourself to give him one chance to get back with you - remember - you shouldn't undervalue yourself just because you want him badly - and you shouldn't be forcing him into something he doesn't really want to be in - that would probably just end in tears. So yeah - go for it and prepare yourself well for both answers !


Hope this helps some,



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