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When do people find themselves at the lowest?

Its always when I wake up. I feel sick and sad. As the day goes on I pick up a little.

But mornings....




I always found that evenings/night times were the worst, when you feel like the rest of the world is asleep and you are all alone. And the darkness just seems to close in all around you. Usually in the light of day I felt a little more energised. It's interesting that the mornings are worse for you? Is it the prospect of another day to cope with that get's to you?


Take care...

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I am not sure why mornings are worse. I just lie there and think of the good times and it makes me

then it takes me a while to snap out of it and then usually im ok for the day (apart from the odd moment)


I just cant see an end to this pain!!


I haven't read all of your back posts Annalise, so I don't know your full story. But if you would like to talk at any time then please drop me a PM. I would be glad to listen and offer any advice I may have.


Take care...

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Annalise... I agree 100% with mornings being the worst. I don't know what it is... maybe it's the fact that I know I just woke up another day with him not in my life. It's a struggle each and every morning to get myself up and showered to go to work and it's 10x worse on the weekends b/c I have no motivation to do anything. The thoughts of him and possibly another woman press on my mind and heart. It's unbearable. I took the Super Dave challenge and started 5 days ago, I think I recall seeing you on there as well. I'm feeling the same pain you are and this is going to be a difficult journey. I'm here for you as I'm here for the same reasons we are all here - to get through this.

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I ended it last wednesday. The reason for the break up is mainly due to arguments.

And a few days ago he told me that his ex really hurt him,and it made him scared it would happen again.


What makes it hard is he has been trying to work things out with us. I have had flowers, cards, emails/texts. He even said he would try counceling.


All these things are wonderful and most people would be jumping for joy. It actually makes me feel worse.

I cant go back. I have given it so many chances, giving it 'one more go' wil not change. Maybe at first but in a few weeks when we are settled again, the same things would happen.

I could ever talk to him without him getting defensive. I have trust issues with him (he has lied a lot) and i never spoke about it. It got too much and i tried to talk with him last week, but as i predicted he blew up and it turned into a huge mess. He got so mad. Said it was my problem. Now he has changed his tune. But its always times like this he admits to the issues and never when it matters.


I have been tiring of the fights for a few weeks now. But its so hard becasue i can see this massive effort he is making. But as much as i want to believe it will be different. It wont.


WHat about you, ashan4u. Big hug to you!

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I love mornings...up at 4:30am almost everyday...But my down time, and I do mean down usually comes in the evening after dinner. Strange thoughts and preoccupations..some good some notsomuch...This site helps put a lot of what I have going on in my life in perspective. Just by helping someone else, even just giving a laugh will make me feel better, happier...

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Anna... to make a long story short he dumped me 6 months ago and yet we still have had contact within those 6 months it was basically all of my doing. We basically broke up b/c we did nothing but argue about stupid things some on his behalf and some on mine. In these last 6 months I've realized that losing him wasn't worth all the arguing we did and I've wanted to be a better person towards him and be more patient and understanding towards his point of views. I've tried so hard to show him in these months that I have the control and confidence to maintain a loving, trusting relationship and I think he fell out of love with me in the process. He nor I have dated anyone and at times he would call and tell me he missed me and or invite me over to spend the weekend with him. I've been so respectful to his needs and I've even asked him what is keeping him from trying to work things out with me. He said it's the stress and controlling behavior that drove us apart before. I'm sad and he told me last Tuesday that he was going on a date that Friday night. I still don't know the outcome of the date b/c I've been sticking with this NC, but it's kiling me b/c he still left the door cracked (I suppose just in case this date doesn't work out). This is so hard....

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Mornings are the pits for me... I believe it's just a subconscious thing, that while I'm asleep I'm thinking of her and possibly imaging her beside me, so that when I wake up back in the real world I get depressed because I realize it's all just a dream....


Which is why I turn on my music in the morning and starting singing!

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