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Why a woman wants a man that doesn't need her?

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its not theory assert this matter , it some thing happen unintentionaly and reatively.....its the love , psychology relation with some one take the position of mother or father in our world.

but it express the tragedy behind the true love

no one can know the truth m just who suffering of love

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If he doesn't need her, that's because he's confident about his capabilities and, as you know, women are attracted to confident men. But he can also be a jerk. If that's the case, read the following:


Let’s talk about the difference between belligerence and confidence, using relationships as an example. Sometimes, women are apparently attracted to ‘jerks’. I’m sure that many of us have seen examples of this in our lives, or know someone in this situation. On the surface the jerk exhibits some ‘bad boy’ traits that some women may perceive as confidence. The jerk himself has probably convinced himself that he has it all ‘going on.’ What masquerades as confidence in the jerk is just belligerence and a super-aggressive attitude. You can and should always assert yourself whenever you deem it as necessary. However, this does not mean bullying people and trampling over them.

The jerk in this example does not realize this.


Belligerence is what makes a jerk just that. The jerk is abrasive and cares little for the relationships he forms with others, but bulldozes his way through life. True confidence, however, allows you to go through life easily, to efficiently get the results you want and make people feel good when you deal with them. Make people feel good. Do this because you can.


Quoted from the book "Unstoppable Confidence" by Kent Sayre

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